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Name:Fansession RP Comm
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SCRIB. Whether the name sparks recognition or no, it's the rumor that's started to gather momentum in certain circles and sooner or later, by means parse or just, you're going to become very familiar with it.

Developed by Phaest Algfri with help from Samsra Sukana, SCRIB is a game designed to test one's mettle! To see if they're made of the right stuff! And allow only the most powerful and cunning to achieve The Ultimate Goal. Whatever that is. Of course it's impossible to play the game with just two people: you need a team to pull this off! That's what the Alpha Team is. Phaest, Samsra, and several other trolls will be on this team and part of the super-secret SCRIB launch extravaganza!

But when do secrets ever stay secrets?


===> Read the game's premise.
===> Examine rules and guidelines.
===> Declare a leave of abscence.
===> Formally retire from the game.
===> Submit character for evaluation.
===> Be in cahoots with other players.
===> Catch up on previous events.
===> Examine a directory of typefaces.
===> Browse in a more convenient format.

===> [S] Enter.
===> Begin your adventure in The Medium.
===> View the order of entry.
===> Learn how to craft some sweet loot.
===> Observe current player locations.
===> Peruse various in-game locations.
===> Consider the benefits of your Title.
===> Awaken on a particular moon.
===> [S] Ascend.
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